Nature connects us naturally to the rhythm of the Earth, when we are in tune with Mother Earth, our well being is elevated and our peace and joy returns.

Strong roots with Mother Earth gives strong roots to our lives, creating a foundation of wellness, wholeness and balance.

At the Positive Roots Foundation we believe in the power of Nature to nurture and heal. We encourage you to grow your natural connection to the Planet for your own self-healing, wellness and happiness.

Connecting with Nature helps to bring both you and the Earth back into harmony and balance.

As a Not for Profit Social Enterprise we provide Education, Training, Workshops, Walks and Events, to help you maintain your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. These enable you to rediscover the joy, awe and wonder of Nature connection and your own True Nature, that of  Oneness and interconnection.

Using the gentle, uplifting and inspiring Forest bathing and Sound bathing techniques, we look forward to joining you and guiding you on your journey back home to the heart of Nature. 

“Rooting ourselves into the Earth and the heartbeat of Gaia, helps us to restore our vitality and radiant being, nurturing us back to wholeness, wellness and health”

Gloria, Founder and Director Positive Roots Foundation

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“I’ve done a lot of work all over the world for different reasons and experiences. Life is a journey, right? And I’ve learned to live this journey without expectation, to go with the flow and decide in the moment if a proposed idea or experience feels right for me. What I can say, wholeheartedly and with all my soul, is that the Metatron meditation cleanse that Gloria delivered was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had. I’m not sure where it took me to, but for the duration of the meditation, I was sent into a different dimension, different reality, different time – and supported with love throughout. I’ve been feeling as light as a feather since and more deeply connected to Oneness. I highly recommend Gloria and her meditation work. Expect great things! Your body, heart and soul will thank you for the experience”

Wellness Festival, Anam Croi House, Westport , Feb 2023


Gaia, County Mayo

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Client, County Sligo

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Client, County Galway

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